Explaining the process of project management certification

The business hires a project manager to guarantee the completion of their outcomes, guaranteeing programs are resulted and securing customers satisfied. Project Managers are accountable for establishing objects, forming a strategy, stimulate workers, and observe project advancement.

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20 Agile Kaizen keys to workplace improvement

Kaizen is great Agile instruction directed at optimizing business rules and the performance of both supervisors and subordinates.

The report outlines the 20 Kaizen keys formed a long time gone, directed at assisting any Agile-oriented companies. Reference: Modern Kaizen principles and keys to workforce optimization, vbprojects.org 2020

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Product Owner role in Scrum and real problem situations

The report represents practical use compared to the Product Owner position in Scrum and presents compelling and possible events for feedback on the division of Product Owner and Scrum Master functions to guarantee optimal performance and expert problem-solving.

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20 topics of business value created by BVOP and explained with examples

The most valuable thing in my thoughts is that a company must be from people and for people. I understand in common, in its most authentic application, the industry must return “added value” to the life and development of society. With this “added value” and means for improvement (private, objective, etc.) businesses to make a gain; Reference: Managing business organizations and adding business value. An Agile Manager’s Guide to the Theory of BVOP.org, (PolicyMatters.net, 2020)

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Agile and Waterfall project management discussion

Agile and Waterfall project management methods are the two most traditional programs in project management and product expansion. The article presents a real discussion between a professor in project management and Agile-oriented professional working on the new assigned project.

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Budgeting in Project Management practices

Everyday Project Management is a great book. Jeff, the author, writes about the budgets and budgeting practices in the project management activities. You really need to learn this in detail. Project Management Academy, for example, has also a nice reference in its project management course. All practices and methodologies worldwide clearly express the budgeting process as not an optional activity for the project manager, so you cannot just skip it.

In this chapter, you learn effective approaches to budgeting, how to combine top-down and bottom-up budgeting techniques, how optimism stands in the way of controlling expenses, and the importance of building in some slack.

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Project managers’ mission and goals

Project management in the scope of both software and business classical projects is not easy. In the book Everyday Project Management, Jeff the author, explains deeply the mission of the project manager and some practices to avoid failure in his end-goal. A good certified project manager needs to know their goals and mission. This is the only way to succeed in his plans and management strategy.

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Project Management in the Microsoft Social Platforms

Project management certification bodies moved on more popular social platforms.

We posted recently about the Microsoft public social website where you can find our online presence. Since PM.MBA started operation earlier this month now we are watching their updates closely as well.

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Project communication plan example

Project management methods involve building a communication plan in the opening stages of the project.

It would be completely difficult to execute a project without a conversation with all stakeholders. Specifications, features, and resolutions must be properly presented and signed by all relevant bodies in the chain of authority.

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Project management resources and references

Project management

The training aims to provide a platform and a proven system, with the help of which you will be able to fulfill your goals on time and on a budget. You will learn about the world-proven PMI project management system (American Project Management Institute www.pmi.org) and learn how to plan better with a holistic view of the project. This training is aimed at increasing your efficiency and effectiveness in the activities you do to show you how to make the most of your time.

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Roles and stakeholders in project management: Project Manager, Director, Sponsor, Program Director

The functional manager, program director, project sponsor, project leader, and management consultants are theories from the academic terminology in project management.

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Agile Strategy: Flexible expectations for balancing production

Agile approaches compared to stable production with the increasing market is not a favorite topic among project and product management groups, but under real situations, many managers build their Agile strategies for supporting their production methods.

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