Current trends in Project Management Certification and PMP®

The Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certificate from the Project Management Institute – the USA enjoys continued popularity. It is not the most widely used project management certificate in the world (the number one PRINCE2® Foundation), but it is the most prestigious.

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Product Development workshop from the Lean guru Reinertsen

Lean Product Development is not just a product management practices following some processes. Last year I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop by the legendary Donald Reinertsen called “The Science of Lean Product Development”.

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Project Management and Software tools and programs

Project management requires a lot of work and every modern project manager needs a helpful software tool to make his life much easier. In the Everyday Project Management book (an exceptional book that we recommend to every decent project manager), the author Jeff Davidson provides a detailed examples and samples of some of the most popular tools.

In this chapter, you learn which software programs are popular, what vendors have to say about their own programs, and the importance of taking your time when acquiring software.

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Budgeting in Project Management practices

Everyday Project Management is a great book. Jeff, the author, writes about the budgets and budgeting practices in the project management activities. You really need to learn this in detail. Project Management Academy, for example, has also a nice reference in its project management course. All practices and methodologies worldwide clearly express the budgeting process as not an optional activity for the project manager, so you cannot just skip it.

In this chapter, you learn effective approaches to budgeting, how to combine top-down and bottom-up budgeting techniques, how optimism stands in the way of controlling expenses, and the importance of building in some slack.

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Project managers’ mission and goals

Project management in the scope of both software and business classical projects is not easy. In the book Everyday Project Management, Jeff the author, explains deeply the mission of the project manager and some practices to avoid failure in his end-goal. A good certified project manager needs to know their goals and mission. This is the only way to succeed in his plans and management strategy.

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