20 topics of business value created by BVOP and explained with examples

The most valuable thing in my thoughts is that a company must be from people and for people. I understand in common, in its most authentic application, the industry must return “added value” to the life and development of society. With this “added value” and means for improvement (private, objective, etc.) businesses to make a gain; Reference: Managing business organizations and adding business value. An Agile Manager’s Guide to the Theory of BVOP.org, (PolicyMatters.net, 2020)

Management, experiences, and advancement of employees:

As shown in this article it is great for any workers to remember precisely what they are spending their time in an organization and to appreciate the time that the group spends in them. They also require to understand that their profession must have some meaning other than a completely economic one-sided compensation;

Human relations

Many optimization methods and many confusion, moments of struggle, would be saved if the connections in a company between a partner are personal. By person, I mean comradeship and collegiality, not intimacy. To get into a position and have an agreement that we work together for a general-purpose;

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