Sandra Liam is a project manager with extensive experience in management practices

Sandra Liam has over 18 years of management experience in the areas of project management, business development and strategic planning. In 2002 he co-founded USA Project Management and since then has been the manager of the company, which in 2005 became part of the German financial group EOS Group and was renamed Modern Project Management.

Jason Cooper is nominated for the title of Project Manager of the Year

Jason Cooper is a project manager for a company that is among the leaders in the digital and software services market. He has been working for the company since its establishment in 2007. Through his professional growth, he has performed various functions – from software analyst to many responsible positions in the department of software […]

Dark data and risks for business and managers

The term “dark data” refers to operational information that is unused because the data that carries it is hidden or forgotten in secret corners of IT systems. It is concerning this data that IT directors and compatibility and security managers can expect interesting challenges, especially in the context of the new EU Data Protection Regulation […]