About the Scrum Sprint Meeting

Sprint is termed an episode in the Scrum structure that has a framed span and the Development partners, Scrum Master, and Product Owner positions operate collectively to accomplish the Sprint objective.

In the report, we consider practical potential Scrum Sprint situations and circumstances that the Scrum Master position may face throughout the performance of the team. The situations and answers are presented in terms of the obligations of the Scrum Master function. All potential situations are based on the best practices implemented by BVOP in their BVOP Agile Guide, section What is a Scrum Sprint? BVOP.org, 2019

The Development Team is very eager to go on vacation and ask you to postpone the retrospective of your sprint to the beginning or end of the other sprint.

In common, the retrospective is completed following every sprint, to explain what challenges they encountered throughout the sprint, as well as to review ideas for development in the following sprint. This agreement must be made ere the beginning of the new Scrum Sprint, that is, I would not correspond to retrospectively follow the end of the following sprint. If the whole tandem has now prepared the rest and work tickets, I would ultimately accept to delay the retrospective 1 day after the start of the new Sprint, but in my viewpoint, this would miss the focus of the company. 

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