Adopting the Scrum framework as a project management process for product development

Scrum is a successful product development system utilized essentially in software projects and is acknowledged as an alternative to traditional project management methods.

Scrum is a structure with an iterative strategy challenging series of development, review, and revision of project development. Reference: Scrum framework,

The subsequent study shows important analyses of why you can use Scrum in your company and as a means to operate on project development. The article also declares the motives why organizations do not use this Agile methodology. Reference: Agile, Scrum and Waterfall project management,

Understandings a company decided to include Scrum in its production processes. A company could cover the Scrum process in its production methods, even if not in its full range, as it depends on its action and the production it provides when it needs to gain confidence and independence from its representatives, to increase their motivation. , and when he requires to optimize projects or methods, as the basic principles of cooperation of people with various skills, regular micro-meetings, and daily intention setting and process monitoring are all exercises that can be applied in various conditions and particularly in collaborations among characters or partners from different sections, e.g. product, selling, and business, when a specific operation or purpose is sought, which influences the movement of all units to differing levels. Scrum is also much more comfortable and adjustable than Kanban for instance. Reference: Scrum and Kanban methodologies,

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