Agile and Waterfall project management discussion

Agile and Waterfall project management methods are the two most traditional programs in project management and product expansion. The article presents a real discussion between a professor in project management and Agile-oriented professional working on the new assigned project.

The subsequent investigation involves the selection of Agile or Waterfall methodology for in-house project management. Reference: Waterfall or Agile? What methodology to choose for your project, PM.MBA 2020

E-mail from Professor Robert Smith:

“I came over proposals in Internet organizations and some characters are considering some disappointment with the classic studies and project management systems.

Waterfall Project Management or Agile

They notice some Japanese technology, and that Waterfall is not something that should be practiced now. At the same time, other bodies support the word “waterfall” and claim that Japanese terms are not necessary. I did not get anything more in particular, but I know that this issue will quickly be directed by the Board of Directors. Give me a complete description of these difficult and complex negotiations and some suggestions and guidelines for creating so we know how these things can change our business.

With respect,

R. Smith

The answer

Dear Prof. Smith,

The reviews you have found are unquestionable of importance and are quite limited.

My conclusion is that it is not a great plan to go to limits and categorically reject one or different methodologies of production. What is significant and what methodologies should or should not be applied depends to a surprisingly high degree on what project we have been committed and what are the expectations of our customers, as well as their business inclinations.

Let’s first look at the heart of the two styles of project management (Agile and Waterfall). Reference: Agile vs Waterfall management methodology, 2020

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