All about the Product Owner role in Scrum

The Product Owner position in Scrum is an example of three positions in the Scrum structure accompanying with the Scrum Master and Development Team.

The Product Owner function is the principal profession compared to the requirement of product specifications for project evolution and implements business value for the outcome, customers, and stakeholders. Reference: The Product Owner role.

In this report, we explain the central relevant issues and solutions compared to the Product Owner position that is not usually obvious in modern literature.

What are the various significant duties of the Product Owner role?

It is the link connecting product developers and stakeholders involved in the business events reflecting the sale of the product (such as owners, stockholders, associates, and the like), and as such reserves quick and understandable connection between these two main parts of the organization. Explains the purpose and concept of the outcome, forms analyzes of user needs in the form of user stories, and represents the sequence of assignments to be completed to satisfy the expectations and requirements of clients from this co-operation in a product backlog. Plans the stages of starting the product or parts of it and controls the progress of the work, the stages of work, and agreement with the resources.

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