released a project management certification platform

New York City, NYC – published a project management certification policies intended for specialists with excellent modern management perceptions.

Founded in 2018, Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd. opened its BVOP Ultimate Guide by offering it free for adoption by the whole Agile project management community. This book is the recommended introductory work for all administration certification training of the corporation.

What is a project management certification?

Project management certification is commonly represented by passing an exam on pre-set topics. Applicants need to solve many subjects perfectly. The strong passing of the exam regularly finishes with obtaining a license.

“ delivered a project administration certification platform designed for professionals with seasoned modern management compromises.” created its online curriculum in which aspirants can light an electronic examination method. Every eventuality certified project manager requires to satisfy 75% of all inquiries precisely. After strongly passing the exam, competitors automatically receive a diploma with the title BVOP Certified Project Manager. Nevertheless, let’s demonstrate to the unfamiliar public what project management and Agile methods are and the relationship connecting them in advanced composition and software progress.

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