Government and educational resources

Yesterday we published a good list of educational and management resources on our website. As it appeared to be a great list of useful websites, we decided to do more research and added government and educational institutions, administration bodies and agencies that support both public and private sectors, education, management, certification processes and more.

Monitoring and Controlling in Project management – real example situations

Monitoring and Controlling in Project management is the hardest part of the project management practices. Monitoring and controlling project variables may sound easy as you just need to inform your project stakeholders about costs, quality, risk, and other prospects. In reality, monitoring and controlling is a real challenge and stressful activity. We present real example […]

Project Management and Software tools and programs

Project management requires a lot of work and every modern project manager needs a helpful software tool to make his life much easier. In the Everyday Project Management book (an exceptional book that we recommend to every decent project manager), the author Jeff Davidson provides a detailed examples and samples of some of the most […]