Introduction to microeconomics

Subject – the conduct of individual organizations. In the individual markets of merchandise, administrations, and elements of production.


  • Perception
  • Enlistment
  • Measurable preparing
  • Examination
  • Amalgamation

Advancement of models and theories



  • Tables
  • Illustrations
  • Utilitarian conditions

Fundamental issues:

  • Shopper – utilization – utility, esteem, shortage, value, request
  • Maker – creation – value, gracefully, opportunity costs, merchandise and enterprises
  • Immaculate defective rivalry – advertise, balance

The market of production factors – showcase, request, gracefully, versatility, rivalry. (Reference)

Balance of individual markets – general market balance – flexibly and request, rivalry, cutoff and bend of creation openings

  • Riches destitution
  • Business elements:
  • Family units
  • Organizations
  • The state

Connections on the production

The job of the market component:

  • Law and request bend
  • Law and gracefully bend
  • Market balance
  • Market capacities
  • Market deserts
  • Buyer conduct
  • Preconditions of the investigation
  • The buyer is sane

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