Management theory – the basis of the organization and management of education

The reason for the management is to create and coordinate the vitality surprisingly in the division “Instruction” – chiefs, educators, understudies (and in a roundabout way – guardians), understudies, and instructors. It is fundamentally the same as venture management since it consolidates forms and anticipates results.

In management writing, there are various ideas for deciding the points of interest of management all in all and management in instruction specifically. Numerous creators utilize the expressions “organization”, “management”, “management”, “authority”, “administration” as equivalents, however others recognize them.

Inquiries of Educational Management

In the principal section of the book “Inquiries of Educational Management”. The creator makes a broad survey of the speculations of management and their projections in training. A. Fayol utilizes the French word “organization” in the feeling of “management”, however most creators recognize the two ideas. As indicated by Kohl, the organization ought to be comprehended as a progressively restricted assignment for creating and looking after methodology, ie. as a “part of the association”. As per Hills, it alludes to the relations in a framework (for instance in instruction) and to the circulation of intensity and obligations at every management level – between the focal government (in our nation – the Ministry of Education and Science), nearby government (in our nation – regions), directors and instructors.

We could sum up that the organization is an administrative capacity, showed in procedures and techniques for the appropriation of intensity and obligations regarding the execution of the shared objective and assignments. It relates straightforwardly to the use of laws and control in this procedure.

In the writing, we can discover a differentiation between the expressions “management”. A few creators acknowledge these two ideas as equivalents, which is regularly connected with the interpretation of the English word “management”.

In “School Management. Book One “. A few creators present the hypotheses of management as” speculations of hierarchical management “and the logical management of instructive foundations as” models of management and structure of school associations “.

As indicated by I. Stanchev, “when we utilize the word” management “, we in every case instinctively envision two things: something that oversees, impacts, orders – at the end of the day, requires and forces specific conduct, a specific method of acting, and something that is overseen for example is influenced and should be rectified when it goes astray from pre-arranged conduct or when it doesn’t act appropriately. ”

The expression “management”

The expression “management” is regularly clarified by the expression “management” as: “1. the act of “overseeing” or “being overseen”; 2. dexterous treatment of… ; 3. all individuals dealing with a creation ‘(ie the management group).

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