Numerous media published the BVOP article about their project management certification

The news of BVOP’s Agile Project Management certification quickly hit the media after the first official release.

In the link below you can see all the media that published the article sent yesterday by the certification organization.

Here is your list of online media websites as we promised. Agile management is the reverse of Waterfall creation processes organized in 1970. The Waterfall methodology is advanced for its time because it produces strict development in product development, ensuring that there is a clear specification that is strictly followed. It is based on the innovative method of composition of the Henry Ford gathering line from 1913, which makes sure that every step in the production process is aimed at the initial requirements for the final product.

BVOP combines Waterfall and Agile by adding new business principles.

In addition to combining all popular management principles and methodologies, publishes in its guide clear examples of added business value to any business process. cites this fact by pointing out that BVOP Certified Project Manager is aimed at professionals who know what business value is and aim at optimization and productivity.

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