Procurement Management Plan in Project Management Practices

Meaning of the Procurement management plan

The mission of the Procurement Management Plan is to outline the parameters for corporate acquisition for all projects of the organization to guarantee their prosperous achievement.

Procurement planning in project management is a slow-moving method that includes multiple in-house functions as well as outside suppliers. This acquisition administration program is intended to implement a structure in which all procurement activities will be managed by all participating institutions. References: Procurement Management Plan in project management practices,, 2019 and Procurement Management Plan template with real example data, 2019

Offices and accountabilities

This part explains the functions and accountabilities of all important project officers. These functions should be transparent to anticipate breaks or extensions in supply management activities. Besides, tasks and competencies help to build responsibility everywhere in the project life cycle.

To promote efficient project administration, the following functions and liabilities have been recognized:

Project sponsor
  • Supports the quantity management plan
  • Allows the selection of supplier
  • Accepts all arrangements before award
  • Recommend any costs compared with offerings over $ 150,000
Project Manager
  • Implements administration of procurement
  • Recommends procedures for obligations below $ 150,000
  • Directs the supplier adoption method
  • Rules the performance of the supplier
  • Locks supplier agreements

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