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Both project management and product management certification and training courses are popular today. How did that happen? Years ago project management was an extremely popular profession and many professionals wanted to try their skills and personality for the field.

Product management was poorly understood and not popular at all. Product managers were people selling goods or creating marketing stuff just like the Marketing managers did. Product managers were guys who created content for e-commerce platforms or were in the heavy industry and markets.

Product management today is popular equally as Project management

Product management today is popular equally as Project management and the short and easiest explanation of that is the growth of the technology and software products and projects. Agile practices like Kanban, Scrum and Extreme Programming that are of great use in product development became even more popular and the demand for that professionals raised.

Product management and Project management certification today

You remember very well the PMI and their PMP Certification programs. A lot of people know those brands. Then it appeared that PMP certification (of the PMI) was not the only choice of the people. This certificate is extremely expensive and one may say that only the crazy guys may spend so much on that kind of certification. Than Scrum populated its roles. The Scrum Master, the Product Owner, and the Development team.

Project managers became Scrum Masters

OK, let’s be honest. Many project managers and scrum masters today do the same. They are some kind of facilitators and supportive roles inside the teams and projects.

Some people have a passion for being important in a public and more widespread view inside the organizations. They are the project managers and scrum masters. Most of the people retained their role as just developers. Or just programmers.

And the project management and scrum master certification programs became popular.

Product Owners and Product Managers

The Product owner from the other hand was not so bad profession as well. It is actually a more respected position and role inside the teams and organizations.

You may see the similarity of the terms Product Owner and Product Manager. Yes, you are right. It is close (not in reality). So many product guys started to choose the product owner/product manager profession.

And the product management and product owner certification programs became popular.

Product Management vs Project Management certification today

Years passed and now project management is not the only choice for tech-savvy people. The product work is creative and interesting. It is in most cases.

Many companies started to outsource not only programmers but also project managers and product managers. And the demand raised again. The product management certification field is very abstract and infinite. So this is how the product searchers are so many today and this profession is equally competitive with the project management one.

Best Product Management certification programs

So now let’s give you a little help in finding a nice certification program in this field. Check the Best Product Management Training, Certification & Courses publication on the MEDFD website. The list is up-to-date and validated.

Best Project Management training courses

For those of you who actually prefer the old classical but safe project management title, you may find the article Best Project Management Training Courses online very useful as it describes all popular project management certification programs today. The mentioned prices are confirmed and valid. All details are also accurate and provide a great initial idea of what you need and why you should pick a specific certification program.

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