Real Scrum problems of the Scrum Master role during the Daily Scrum meeting

The report represents original Scrum obstacles that the Scrum Master position often struggles in their workday throughout the Daily Scrum gathering.

The conditions affect the connection with the Product Owner position and the Development Team and examples are explained in terms of the Scrum Master position in the organization.

All circumstances described are based on’s advice on Scrum in their BVOP Agile Guide and in special the Daily Scrum Meeting chapter. Reference: What is a Daily Scrum conference and how to manage this Agile experience, 2019

The gathering origins and a division of the Development team start inquiring topics to the other members.
This member of the company now took on the position of host of the gathering. It should be advised what problems it requires and whether they do not produce long conversations that are not the topic of conversation in this conflict. Another idea to be concerned regarding is whether this member will not take the leadership tomorrow and try to confirm himself as a manager and appoint tasks.

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