Scrum and Agile organizations and projects. How they estimate?

Scrum Masters and Agile Project Managers encounter problems when we are speaking regarding plan estimation. Many people believe costing and budgeting for Agile projects are unnecessary and also counterproductive.

There’s also a mass #NoEstimates campaign. After all, isn’t take evaluation toward Agile systems, because they cannot be prepared in advance? The plan will be created when it is created and when the customer approves the decision. And later perhaps we’ll find out how much it required us.

Traditionally, in Agile outlines that practice Scrum (and in Agile there are conventional stuff :), the value of work is covered in Story Points. These are relative and not absolute standards of the quantity of work on the project.

The amount of points does not depend on the velocity of work (productivity) of the specific team units. If they accept that one assignment is a size of 10 Story Points, some may develop it in two days, others in four days.

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