Scrum Master role and interactions with other positions

In Agile associations, the job of Scrum Master is acknowledged as a mentor of the Development group as well as of every other position and role in the company.

This reality should not shock anyone as one of the responsibilities of the Scrum Master job is to prepare everybody around in Scrum rehearses and Agile reasoning. Reference: What are the responsibilities of the Scrum Master job,

In this article, we portray test situations in which various individuals from the association pose inquiries identified with the joining of new Scrum processes in product development.

Christine Peterson, Project Manager

Would I be able to keep my present job as a project manager and avoid Scrum roles?

In Scrum there is no job of a project manager, the roles here, for the most part, decide the kind of work that will be performed and the sort of responsibilities that will be taken, so acknowledge it as an auxiliary specialization that will all the more plainly characterize desires and commitments. you.

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