Scrum obstacles with issues, solutions and comments from Scrum Master

The subsequent paper displays different questionable conditions that the Scrum Master position in the company may encounter. Each related condition has an analysis and an execution plan to resolve the difficulty.

All obstacles and opinions are offered from the point of view of the Scrum Master position. The book uses many concepts from the description of the Scrum Master position designed by Reference:

The administrator of your company needs to begin producing three new products and informs you that for the most comprehensive product in terms of size, he requires a unit of 10 characters. The free professionals for all fresh products are a sum of 15 developers.
The respond of the Scrum Master role: We will surely pay the required consideration, the more important plan in terms of need and size, but I also need us not to delay after the additional two.

I can recommend that we adhere as much as feasible to the Scrum guidance in order to reduce the uncertainty and to complete the 3 designs on time and with excellence. For this goal we can practice at least 3 developers in the two more trivial ones. And for the bulk to address all the other 9 developers. In this way we will ensure a total unit of about 11 programmers, taking into account me and the Product Owner. Reference: The Product Owner role in Scrum, 2020

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