The Product Owner role in Scrum

In the report, we present subjects and solutions from leading Product Owner experts who responded to inquiries requested by real users and stakeholders concerned in projects following the Scrum structure.

Analyses were satisfied by Barbara James, Senior Product Owner, Martha Cooper, Technical Product Owner, and John Lee, Product Owner.

What are the several significant duties of the Product Owner position?

The Product Owner function operates with stakeholders and, collectively, both shape the product idea. Product Owner is studying for a means to satisfy their outcome terms and is accountable for producing a high-value product outcome from the development team. Reference: The Product Owner role, The BVOP Ultimate Guide, 2019

The Product Owner organizes the list of duties (User Stories) on which the developers will operate, prioritizes it, with the various important items at the top. It is his responsibility to solve the jobs if they are not agreed upon by the team. Product Owner further commands when a new variant of the product will be delivered, monitors project development, time, and resources.

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