The Scrum Master role and its problems

Scrum Master is an example of the three positions in the Scrum organization. He regards all individuals and attempts to protect the organization, practices, and teachings of Scrum. Scrum is a way of operating that attempts to support sustainable productivity for the companies and the product designed to be of high quality.

Scrum Master is called a servant-leader since this role sets the requirements of others before each other, supporting units do their business properly and develop. By understanding the precepts and teachings of Scrum, it ensures the harmony of understanding of the partners, decreases chaos and micromanagement. Reference: The Scrum Master role,, BVOP Agile Guide, 2020. Otherwise, people’s impulses will contract, errors will improve and deadlines will not be satisfied.

The Scrum Master does not have the authorization to operate the partners or the job because there are no directors in the Scrum unit. Acts as a master who guides the company to accomplish the set intentions. Scrum Master is centered on the advancement of others and the Scrum knowledge of the corporation. Reference: Scrum example team and projects scenarios, 2020

How does Scrum Master accomplish all this?
  • By following the work method and eliminating any barriers.
  • Protects the company from outside influences, issues, characters, and events.
  • Organizes gatherings and ceremonies in Scrum, welcomes everyone who needs to participate, shares preparations, makes everyone present for gatherings and questions for conversation.
  • Guide and lead everyone in the Scrum organization, as well as business stakeholders in Scrum methods and ideas. Reference: Every Scrum Master must know the Kaizen principles, 2020

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