Top managers of the year 2020

The most successful in the most prestigious competition for business leaders “Manager of the Year” face not only difficulties this year. This year, they also accepted the challenge of our team to turn the award ceremony into a film that includes long and tiring photos of difficult terrain in unpredictable weather conditions.

In parallel with the filming process, on the pages of the magazine, the finalists answered important questions about business and leadership, prepared by the winner of the competition “Manager of the Year 2020” Liam James, Certified Project Manager, CEO, and Chairman of

In the coming days, Manager News will publish the conversations with each of the Top Managers for 2020, and on November 29 you will find out which of the most successful leaders faced project management practices and problems during the year.

The winners of the competition for senior management achievements will be presented in alphabetical order. We start the series with Anton Radev, founder of Project Management Academy Reference: The new certified project manager in the team shares management practices

We can cause a change for the better in the environment by not giving in to it

– What did you learn this year and what have you changed?

– Problems teach us how to find a way to act. Shifting focus, priorities, and resources in response to a changing and uncertain environment. Instead of instinctively responding to information noise, we have learned to be fast and flexible. Personally, the business crisis has made me even more proactive. Only in this way does one have a much greater chance of defining one’s future.

– What are the scenarios for the future of your sector and how will you try to influence it?

– Software development is facing a true turning point. Given the common geopolitical and economic factors, niche markets appear suddenly and may disappear in a similar way. Many business models are changing as a result of evolving technologies and my personal ambition is to prepare the company I manage for a rapid transition to the new environment with accelerated process automation. In this regard, we have prepared a concept for the optimization of technological and production processes in order to increase efficiency and readiness for automation and robotics, which we launched in the current 2020.

– What values ​​do you rely on as a manager?

– Perhaps my most valuable quality is my fast analytical skills. I try to approach my team as a coach, I try to be patient. I highly value honesty, fairness, and the ability to take responsibility for myself and others. I am grateful to my family and friends because a manager builds himself as a person 20% at work and 80% outside it. Reference: The need for a certified project manager,

– How can we cause a change for the better in the environment in which we live and work?

By not giving in to it. We live in difficult times and if each of us strives to uphold the age-old values ​​of society and human relations, the environment will not change us, and the chance we will do with it is significantly greater. It is also valuable to communicate with society what we do to change the environment and through indirect influence. It is good that this is the approach of all media, not only the specialized ones because the bad news is sold, but the good news is educated.

– What are excellent results for you and how do you motivate your team for such?

– We have excellent results when we achieve the pre-set goals in the most efficient and fast way possible. It is extremely valuable to set the right goal. We discuss in detail the definition of goals and tools for achieving them, and we also analyze the results together. The team’s satisfaction with the achieved goals is one of the most important motives, and the result brings both financial and career incentives. Reference:

– What is the most scarce resource for you and how do you deal with the deficit?

– Maybe this is the access to personnel with key skills. We are working on many projects to create them. Our company is one of the pioneers of dual education in Bulgaria, one of the founders of the Technical College, taking an active part in the preparation of curricula. Personally – time. Somehow it is never enough for everything and usually, the closest ones are the most damaged. I try to work on it all the time and I think that when you manage to find time for everything, you are a really good manager – professionally and in life.


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