Training and recognition system for project teams

Training and recognition systems for project teams are often applied when establishing a new team for developing a new project or a product.

This may seem obvious but actually this is a conventional and standard practice that is even regulated in the popular Project Management Processes lot of years ago.

Initially, the Project Management Institute has defined this project management processes but actually there are no real evidence for this statement.

So, hen creating a new team the fist thing after defining the project roles is designing their Training and recognition and award system.

This means that if team members are motivated and they do their part of the work well and on time, they may receive some bonuses. Financial or non-financial it doesn’t matter.

Maybe it is a good place to add (editor note) that negative scenarios would also be defined in this project management plan. What does this mean?

This means that defining the rules of non-motivation is needed. If workers do not complete their tasks on time they may see less payment at the end of the period or project.

All parties should be satisfied anyway. Executing stuff, management, and project sponsors need equal rules and policy.

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