Waterfall Project Management vs Agile Methodologies

Waterfall Project Management and Agile Methodologies are the principal generalizations of Project management, one starting in the United States (Waterfall) and the other beginning in Japan (Agile).

Waterfall Project Management Methodology. Cascade is a technique for project management in the west. The structure is designed and characterized by the last point. The United States utilizes an organized methodology strategy, the model that is followed is clear and very much characterized.

Every member of a project has a particular undertaking and nothing more is expected of him. The exercises in the project are steady and each stage relies upon the past one, just when it is finished can the following one beginning. Reference: Waterfall or Agile? What strategy to decide for your project, pm.mba

Come back to past stages isn’t drilled, which doesn’t permit changes in the project, this prompts this philosophy isn’t adaptable and dynamic, however intentional and goes just forward with an unmistakable and explicit objective. The entire project continues reliably with severe adherence to the procedure and with clear processes, errands, and cutoff times and practices. Reference: Agile, Scrum and Waterfall project management, ossalumni.org

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