What is Management

Management is a method directed at solving particular objects through the application of associated resources. These resources are expected to be information and objects are products.

By connecting data and product, the measure of progress in management is restricted. A sign of this is the richness of the entrepreneurial organization. Productivity depends on the individual and modern production of individual managerial purposes, such as preparation, coordination, management, administration, etc.

In order to accomplish all these purposes, decisions need to be taken. For many, this method is similar to the idea of management. Because of the uniqueness of different managers, the decision-making method has for countless years been viewed as an art based on the expertise and knowledge obtained on the basis of the source of error sampling. For this, certain individual characteristics present to creativity, the capacity to assess accurately, inspiration, knowledge, etc. Apart from art, decision making is also a science, because, without the application of special methodical and systematic methods, different managerial decisions can lead to failure.

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